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Engineering students reach finals for prototype car design

OSHAWA, Ont. - Five students in the Manufacturing Engineering program at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) are demonstrating that the sky is the limit after placing in the finals for the Javelin Technologies Cool Design Awards contest (Educational Customer Category) for Ontario users of SolidWorks software. It was the first time that any team from UOIT had entered the competition.

"They ended up being in the fifth position, which is a great success in the very first attempt to compete," said Dr. Remon Pop-Iliev, an associate professor in the Faculty of Engineering. "If they had the chance to present their 4 x 4 vehicle design using the animations they produced in SolidWorks, as they did in class, I believe that their placement would be even better."

In a second-year engineering course, Pop-Iliev uses a professional solid modelling program. As a class project, groups designed their own vehicle body, created a prototype, and then created documentation in SolidWords that would be necessary to manufacturing the vehicle. Part of the project also involved a five minute presentation. The group with the best presentation was encouraged to enter the competition, according to Pop-Iliev.

"Reaching the finals…made all engineering students of the team, along with the professor, taste the sweet fruit of success that was yielded after two years of study," said Misagh Tabrizi, a second-year Manufacturing Engineering student at UOIT. "Competing with other universities, on the other hand, was yet another success because it was a step towards recognition of UOIT among other Canadian universities."

Dr. Marc Rosen, founding dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science agrees that this competition highlights the calibre of students and programs at UOIT.

"This achievement is marvelous and inspiring. It highlights the excellence of Dr. Pop-Iliev's teaching and the success he is having in fostering student learning and motivating students in an exciting way," said Rosen. "The project also illustrates our faculty's use of real world engineering software like SolidWorks and the interesting things engineers do. Most importantly, this achievement highlights the capabilities of our students and shows that they are among the best anywhere."


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