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Faculty of Education undergoes accreditation process

OSHAWA, Ont. - There are 185,000 teachers in Ontario, and the quality of education they provide to the children of this province is high priority. As a result, each university in Ontario offering a Bachelor of Education must undergo an accreditation process to have various aspects of the education program evaluated. This week, the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) is reviewing the level of education offered at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT).

"We go through a process to have our program approved by the Ontario College of Teachers, which has the responsibility to determine whether or not the program meets the requirements set out in the law," explains Dr. Bill Hunter, dean of the Faculty of Education. "It is everything in our consecutive education program. Our concurrent education program was approved at a different time, so it's not being reviewed right now."

Hunter notes that the process involves creating an extensive study document describing the program (course outlines, faculty, how curriculum relates to standards of practice for teachers, practicum experience and other relevant information). Once the OCT has reviewed UOIT's submission, an on-site evaluation is performed to ensure that the information contained within the document is accurate.

"All the things we put into our submission, they verify by talking to us, principals, students, teachers, librarians-anyone associated with the program," explains Hunter. "If we succeed with the accreditation, it means that for the next five years we have the right to prepare people to be teachers and to submit their credentials to the Ontario College of Teachers for approval for a teacher's licence. And then in five years we do it again."

The panel from OCT has been hosting on-site interviews since Monday. Hunter admits that it could be June before the decision has been finalized as recommendations made by the on-site visitors are passed to the OCT Accreditation Committee for final judgment. 


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