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Twelve UOIT professors receive new NSERC grants

OSHAWA, Ont. - From parasites to privacy, the world of research at UOIT is quite eclectic. Recently, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) announced its 2005 Discovery Grants. Twelve UOIT professors received an average yearly grant of $22,000 for a grand total of $484,420 in funding.

"I definitely feel fortunate to have received a grant like this," says Dr. Sean Forrester of the Faculty of Science, whose full NSERC allotment will amount to $175,900 over five years. "When you're writing your first grant proposal, you don't know how it's going to go. You're just hoping for the best."

Dr. Forrester will use the funding to research new drugs designed to combat parasitic nematodes, tiny round worms that can seriously affect the health of cattle and sheep.

Dr. Patrick Hung, a professor in the Faculty of Business and Information Technology and another NSERC recipient, will use his $16,500 annual grant to examine ways of improving privacy and security in the rapidly expanding market for mobile services (or m-services), such as handheld devices and Internet telephone systems.

"This work is partly relevant to what I'm working on with Boeing researchers in Seattle," he says, "so you can expect that part of the research results will be used in industry."

In the 2004-05 year, NSERC will invest $850 million in university based research and training in all for natural sciences and engineering.

The following is a list of the UOIT recipients and the titles of their work:

Name Faculty Title of work Grant awarded

Dr. Dhavide Aruliah


Analysis of algorithms and software for partitioned nonlinear systems

$16,000 for three years

Dr. Todd Barsby


A metabonomics approach to rationally identifying natural products with commercial potential

$22,000 for three years

Dr. Peter Berg


Reaction kinetics and transport processes of catalyst layers in Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells

$19,000 for four years

Dr. Dario Bonetta


Plant cell wall analysis using small molecules

$23,000 for two years

Dr. Luciano Buono


Local bifurcation theory of retarded functional differential equations with structure

$9,000 for five years

Dr. Sean Forrester


Molecular biology of inhibitory neurotransmission in parasitic nematodes

$35,180 for five years

Dr. Kamiel Gabriel

Engineering and Applied Science

A study on two-phase flow in simulated earth fractions with applications to underground reservoir CO2 storage

$34,000 for five years

Dr. Patrick Hung

Business and IT

M-services computing security and privacy enforcement model

$16,500 for three years

Dr. Eleodor Nichita

Energy Systems and Nuclear Science

Fast high-accuracy full-core neutron flux solution method

$20,000 for four years

Dr. Scott Nokleby

Engineering and Applied Science

Development of kinematic control algorithms for redundant robots

$20,200 for five years

Dr. Ghaus Rizvi

Engineering and Applied Science

Glass fibre reinforced wood composites (GFR-WPC) with superior mechanical properties

$20,200 for five years

Dr. Miguel Vargas Martin

Engineering and Applied Science and Business and IT

Network infrastructure security through prevention, detection, reaction and mitigation of malicious software attacks

$12,000 for three years


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