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UOIT hosts first Fuel Cell Research meeting to develop more efficient and cost-effective technologies

OSHAWA, Ont. - Have record gas prices, threatening blackouts and a layer of thick smog hovering over southern Ontario got you sweating this summer? Leading researchers at Ontario universities, including the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT), are working hard to help you breathe a little easier.

With the critical need to develop new fuel cell technologies to help reduce oil and electricity demand, as well as reduce air pollution, leading academics and industry experts recently formed the Ontario Fuel Cell Research Network (OFCRN). UOIT plays host to the group's first meeting today, with the goal of establishing Ontario as Canada's leader in fuel cell research.

The network consists of researchers from various faculties at nearly a dozen Ontario universities who are involved in fuel cell research at the unit cell and stack level. "In the future, this will also include broader aspects of fuel cells such as hydrogen production and storage, drive trains for automotive applications, or systems design," notes Dr. Peter Berg, an assistant professor in the Faculty of Science at UOIT and member of the OFCRN Executive Committee.

In addition to creating a database of Ontario fuel cell research, the network provides a new vehicle for fuel cell funding. "With our current state of supply and demand driving energy consumption to unsustainable heights, we must forge strong partnerships with industry experts to bring new fuel cell technologies to market which are both highly efficient and cost effective," adds Berg. "Since fuel cell technology is arguably at the crossroads with respect to commercialization, this initiative will be a crucial tool for Ontario's leadership in the field."


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