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UOIT awarded more than $135,000 in funding from Canada Foundation for Innovation

Financial support will ensure continued research in the areas of health, science and engineering

OSHAWA, ON. - The University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) announced today that it has received $135,000 in funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) to help support its groundbreaking research in the areas of health, science and engineering.

Dr. Yuping He, Dr. Greg Rohrauer and Dr. Ruth Milman, all assistant professors with the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, will receive $73,000 toward the development of a reconfigurable motion base vehicle simulator to be used for vehicle safety research; Dr. Ayush Kumar, an assistant professor with the Faculty of Health Sciences, will receive $30,000 to develop a bacterial membrane transport laboratory for the investigation of antibiotic resistance; and Dr. Franco Gaspari, an assistant professor with the Faculty of Science, will receive $32,000 to further the advancement of UOIT's Materials Science Characterization Laboratory, a facility used to conduct ongoing research into new energy alternatives.

"I am delighted to see UOIT's ongoing research activity and commitment to research excellence continue to be supported by the CFI," said Dr. Kamiel Gabriel, associate provost, Research. "It is essential for new research institutions such as UOIT to build a research infrastructure and the CFI's funding contributes to this process. It is also a reflection of UOIT's firm commitment to aligning its research agenda with both federal and provincial research and innovation priorities in areas including health, engineering and science."

When developed, the vehicle simulator will be used to conduct vehicle safety research, for control system development and to study the impact of the interactions between drivers, computer-controlled vehicle systems and traffic environments. The research results would greatly contribute to the development of essential technologies for the next generation of active vehicle safety systems and could significantly improve individual safety while driving in Canada's changing weather patterns.

Dr. Kumar's bacterial membrane transport laboratory would enable him to apply his expertise in infectious diseases toward the characterization of energy-mediated efflux mechanisms in two multidrug resistant bacterial species. The results of his research have the potential to help the pharmaceutical industry develop new and improved treatment options against these organisms.

Dr. Gaspari will focus on the area of alternative energy application materials - in particular photovoltaic and solar energy - to help combat the worldwide energy and environmental crisis. The results of his research have the potential to offer environmental and economic benefits to Canada as it works to resolve today's global climate and energy concerns.

The funding is being provided through CFI's Leaders Opportunity Fund, which is designed to provide infrastructure to Canadian educational institutions to assist them with attracting and retaining the country's leading researchers.

"We can say with conviction that Canada has become a place where world-class researchers want to be," said Dr. Eliot Phillipson, president and chief executive officer of CFI. "This CFI investment will further develop UOIT's global reputation as a place where outstanding research and training is being conducted."

CFI announced a total of $45.5 million in new funds to support 251 projects at 44 different institutions across the country. Just over $38.2 million was awarded under the Leaders Opportunity Fund with the remaining $7.28 million awarded under CFI's Infrastructure Operating Fund, an accompanying program that assists universities with the incremental operating and maintenance costs associated with new infrastructure projects.

UOIT continues to develop unique research programs to strengthen its reputation for being a research-intensive institution. It is committed to interdisciplinary research that benefits society by solving social, environmental, health and economic problems. In the past five years, UOIT has attracted more than $18.3 million in research funding from many sources, including provincial and federal grants and contracts, industry contracts and grants from research foundations. These are some of the key reasons why UOIT has been named one of Canada's Top 50 research universities.


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