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UOIT salutes federal government renewal of Automotive Innovation Fund

Dynamic test of a vehicle in front of the nozzle of the powerful climatic wind tunnel at UOIT's Automotive Centre of Excellence.
Dynamic test of a vehicle in front of the nozzle of the powerful climatic wind tunnel at UOIT's Automotive Centre of Excellence.

The University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) welcomes the federal government’s five-year renewal of the Automotive Innovation Fund (AIF) which aims to support Canada’s commitment to the environment and in the advancement of fuel-efficient automotive technologies. As a potential partner, UOIT looks forward to working with industry from across Canada to address their research and development needs. 

“UOIT is a leading centre of automotive engineering research and innovation excellence,” said UOIT President Dr. Tim McTiernan. “This announcement aligns with UOIT’s strategic priorities and we are pleased the federal government continues to recognize the importance of large-scale research and development projects. Our faculty and students are well-positioned to support new research endeavours that will strengthen our country’s competitiveness and capacity to create knowledge-based jobs.”

UOIT’s Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science has built an exceptional reputation for training 21st-century engineers through an impressive array of market-driven programs that provide hands-on, experiential learning opportunities.

UOIT’s ultra-modern engineering research facilities are anchored by the Automotive Centre of Excellence (ACE). ACE is a flexible, dynamic and secure one-stop-shop where industry leaders, top researchers and the best and brightest students collaborate to create, test and validate paradigm-shifting innovations with a focus on bringing them to market as rapidly as possible. ACE features a sophisticated climatic wind tunnel with extreme weather capabilities along with a large yawing chassis dynamometer that can, for the first time anywhere, test properties in crosswinds. It also has a solar array to replicate the effects of the sun and is hydrogen-capable, allowing for alternative fuel cell development.

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