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UOIT well-positioned to assist Canada in becoming a world leader in energy sustainability

Cover image of new Dr. Richard Marceau's co-authored book Canada: Winning as a Sustainable Energy Superpower.
Cover image of new Dr. Richard Marceau's co-authored book Canada: Winning as a Sustainable Energy Superpower.

The Provost and Vice-President, Academic at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) is calling on Canada to transform itself into a world leader in energy sustainability.

Dr. Richard Marceau, who is also President of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, has co-authored (with Dr. Clem Bowman) Canada: Winning as a Sustainable Energy Superpower, a book that outlines how to move Canada from a ‘world energy superstore’ to a ‘sustainable energy superpower’ by  leveraging its raw energy resources into high value-added products. The book offers many original ideas on how Canada could create more jobs, generate continued wealth and a high quality of life for all Canadians, and lead the way toward a lower-carbon future. It also demonstrates that – contrary to popular opinion – Canada excels in innovation under the right circumstances, and shows how this is done.

Dr. Marceau was interviewed February 15 by CKNI-FM in Moncton, New Brunswick by Tyler McLean (YouSendIt mp3 link) and was interviewed on February 18 by CBC Radio One in Fredericton, New Brunswick by Terry Seguin , prior to presenting the 33rd annual Dineen Memorial Lecture at the University of New Brunswick

“Canada has been outrageously successful at nation building through its big project innovation strategy,” explains Dr. Marceau. “We can draw inspiration from many past megaprojects, from the Canadian Pacific Railway to the James Bay Hydroelectric Project. Canada is unique in that its big projects are characterized by highly innovative public and private sector partnerships, which reduce risk while getting things done. We need to focus Canada’s limited financial and human resources on big projects that push Canada’s technological and industrial capability to another level, and provide a foundation for future nation-building initiatives. Nation building is alive and well in countries like China and India … with most of Canada still open to opportunity, why not continue to do what we do best?”

UOIT is well-positioned in many ways to help lead the way through its development of research and programs in the energy sector, including such innovative facilities as the Clean Energy Research Laboratory, which is exploring new ways to develop hydrogen as an alternative fuel source through the copper-chlorine cycle of thermochemical splitting of water by nuclear, solar energy or waste heat. UOIT is also ideally situated in the heart of Ontario’s Durham Region, strategically close to two of the province’s largest nuclear operations, in nearby Pickering and Darlington.

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