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2013 UOIT Awards of Excellence honour faculty and staff accomplishments

Dr. Diana Petrarca, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, received the Tenured and Tenure-track Faculty Award.
Dr. Diana Petrarca, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, received the Tenured and Tenure-track Faculty Award.

The University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) campus community came together to celebrate the outstanding achievements of faculty and staff over the past year during a reception and ceremony held at the Regent Theatre on October 28.

Hosted by President Tim McTiernan, the 2013 Awards of Excellence honoured both individual and team achievements.

“Many things make me proud to be a part of UOIT,” said President McTiernan. “That includes the dedication and effort of everyone who works at the university, in all capacities. Ours is a campus environment where we work together, and a university that defines itself by doing things differently. I look to all of us to follow the examples shown by the men and women, faculty and staff, whom we celebrate for their commitment to teaching excellence, their innovative research and their dedication to maintaining the highest standards in student service.”

Awards were presented for the following categories:

  • The UOIT Team Award is presented to a team that has demonstrated exemplary performance and has made significant contributions to the university.
  • The Staff Awards of Excellence recognize staff members who have made outstanding contributions in their roles and achieved excellence in demonstrating UOIT’s core competencies.
  • The Research Excellence Awards recognize faculty who have achieved national and/or international success and recognition through their research activities and enhanced UOIT’s reputation as a research-focused institution.
  • The Teaching Excellence Awards provide recognition for teaching excellence, encourage its pursuit, publicize such excellence across the university and the wider community, and promote informed discussion of teaching and its improvement.

From a long list of distinguished nominees, the following members of the UOIT team received the 2013 awards:

Emily Bremer received the Teaching Assistant Award of Excellence
Emily Bremer, Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Health Sciences received the Teaching Assistant Award of Excellence.

UOIT Team Award

This year, the UOIT Team Award went to two teams:

  • UOIT-Durham College-Georgian College RPN to BScN Program Faculty and Staff: Marilyn Ardito, Cindy Arnett, Dana Chorney, Marianne Cochrane, Sue Coffey, Katherine Cummings, Arlene de la Rocha, Elizabeth Erwin, Leslie Graham, Kathy Lavis, Manon Lemonde, Gail Lindsay, Fabiola Longo, Karen Macdonald, Holly MacPherson, Sandra Mairs, Marie McEwan, Tricia McMahon, Elaine Salmers, Wendy Stanyon, Tracey Szarka and Hilde Zitzelsberger.
  • Blackboard Team: Reem Ali, Bridgette Atkins, Matthew Bramham, Christine Cairns, Samson Chung, Shannon Everett, Michael Guy, Martin Harris, Kent Hayden, Jaymie Koroluk, Curtis Long, Nadia Morel, Bill Muirhead, Mark Naylor, Jeanette Oliveira, Jennifer Percival, Marj Rempel, Lily Rhodes Novicki, Pamela Ritchie, Lianne Sheehan, Fabian Tapp, Diana Wood and Dino Zorbas.

Staff Awards of Excellence

  • Administrative/Technical: Michelle Sutcliffe, Program Assistant, Faculty of Health Sciences. 
  • Professional/Managerial: Chris Woods, Web and Digital Media Strategist, Communications and Marketing.

Research Excellence Awards

  • Early Stage Researcher: Dr. Brad Easton, Associate Professor, Faculty of Science.
  • Senior Researcher: Dr. Ed WallerProfessor, Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science.

Teaching Excellence Awards

  • Tenured and Tenure-track Faculty Award: Dr. Diana Petrarca, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education.
  • Teaching Award: Josh Lowe, Senior Lecturer and Laboratory Coordinator, Faculty of Business and Information Technology.
  • Teaching Assistant: Emily Bremer, Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Health Sciences.

Congratulations to all of the nominees and award recipients on their outstanding achievements and hard work over the past year.