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New high-tech health screening technology to detect COVID-19 symptoms

Ontario Tech University partnering with SmartCone Technologies on system testing

SmartCone COVID-19 SYMP2PASS Smart Kiosk outside the main entrance to the ACE Climatic Wind Tunnel at Ontario Tech University.
SmartCone COVID-19 SYMP2PASS Smart Kiosk outside the main entrance to the ACE Climatic Wind Tunnel at Ontario Tech University.

As a research leader in the ethical deployment of new technologies, Ontario Tech University is working with data sensory and ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) company SmartCone Technologies to test a high-tech system capable of real-time multi-symptom screening for COVID-19.

Making sense of scent loss

Loss of smell is a common indicator of COVID-19 infection. Various research studies show loss of smell affects anywhere between 80 and 96 per cent of COVID-19-positive patients. U.S. agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the National Institutes of Health recognize and recommend smell testing for COVID-19 screening.

SmartCone’s anonymous, two-step web-based health-screening process, dubbed SYMP2PASS, combines COVID-19 sense-of-smell testing with smart kiosks, thermal scanners, and other technologies to provide private, speedy, and reliable COVID-19 screening without accessing personal information:

  • At home: In the privacy of their own home, a person uses their smart device to scan the QR code located on the company’s SYMP2PASS scent test packet, completes the smell test, and answers additional screening questions. They receive immediate confirmation of test results.
  • In public spaces: If the person passes the at-home pre-screening, they will receive another QR code that provides a 24-hour ‘Day Pass’ to enter a SYMP2PASS Smart Kiosk set up at the entry point to the public venue they wish to access. The kiosk has a thermal camera with a sensor that tests for fever. The kiosk also uses mask-image recognition to ensure anyone entering a location is wearing a mask.

SmartCone has a federal research contract with Innovation, Science and Economic Development's (ISED) Innovation Solutions Canada Sector to develop the technology.

SYMP2PASS benefits

SmartCone estimates onsite point-of-entry screening can reduce COVID-19 spread by up to 75 per cent, making the system ideal for any business or high-traffic location, such as professional sports stadium or a major amusement park.


  • Help organizations follow current and future screening requirements mandated by various levels of governments and health authorities.
  • Collate data from all access points and in-home measurements to ensure employers meet all privacy regulations.
  • Support workplace contact-tracing capabilities.
  • Warn participants of positive test results.
  • Provide access control for visitors/guests and employees.

“A crucial role the Ontario Tech University research enterprise plays is supporting lab-to-market initiatives. Our collaboration with SmartCone and Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada is an exemplar of this role and will be a model for future product research, testing and validation of new technologies.”
-Dr. Les Jacobs, Vice-President, Research and Innovation, Ontario Tech University

"Innovation, Science and Economic Development was instrumental in being able to demonstrate our ability to fight COVID. They were very professional, organized and easy to work with. SmartCone is now selling to U.S. companies as a direct result of the demonstration."
-Jason Lee, CEO, SmartCone Technologies

About SYMP2PASS Powered By SmartCone

SYMP2PASS, developed in conjunction with doctors and researchers, is the first anonymous end-to-end advanced health screening web process. Using our patent pending ScentsiBLE scent test paired with multi-symptom survey, SYMP2PASS will help reduce the spread of COVID and save businesses and countries millions of dollars. Learn more at

About SmartCone Technologies, Inc.

SmartCone Technologies Inc. (SCTI) is a unique data sensory company that commercializes new Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies powering a wide array of sensors, edge computing, sensor fusion and artificial intelligence (AI). TheSmartCone™ solutions have been used most recently in "Return to Work" solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as securing dangerous work sites, controlling bicycle lane traffic, managing vehicle fleets, smart warehouses, crowd control, and more. Visit us at

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