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Faculty of Social Science and Humanities Sustainability in Art exhibition winners announced

Juried art exhibition held on February 13 at Charles Hall

Deanna Young won first place for We All Are Part of the Great Circle.
Deanna Young won first place for We All Are Part of the Great Circle.

The Faculty of Social Science and Humanities (FSSH) at Ontario Tech University recently hosted a Juried Art Exhibition with the theme of Sustainability in Art. Artists were invited to interpret sustainability in their own unique ways, resulting in a thought-provoking and inspiring collection.

Due to an overwhelming response, the original plan to select the top ten submissions was expanded to include the top fifteen, who were then invited to bring their art to Charles Hall for the reception event

The event filled Charles Hall with accomplished and aspiring artists exploring the connections between their selves, their communities, and how climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, and other human-made environmental problems, challenge us to think about positive and just solutions. Isabel Savransky, Asset and Sustainability Planner, Office of Campus Infrastructure and Sustainability (OCIS), directed the event with enthusiasm while the artists explained their work, which was juried by a five-person panel:

  • Peter Stoett, Dean, FSSH
  • Isabel Savransky, Asset and Sustainability Planner, OCIS
  • David Patterson, Founder, Common Earth Ltd. and Ontario Tech University donor
  • Timothy MacNeill, Senior Teaching Professor, FSSH; and Director of the Ontario Tech Minor program in Sustainability
  • Angelique Dack, Vice-President, Downtown Services, Ontario Tech Student Union

FSSH also gave special recognition to Kent Farndale, Ontario Tech University donor, who was unable to attend the event. The judging took place on February 13, and the winners were presented with cash prizes:

  • First place - Deanna Young for We All Are Part of the Great Circle – $1,250 cash prize
  • Second place - Camille Augustyn for In Another Dimension – $500 cash prize
  • Third place - Nuhad Kibria for It’s Not Too Late – $250 cash prize

Three honourable mentions were also awarded to Avery Snelling for Preservation Story Quilt; Katherine Gifford for Nature: Harmonious for Sustainability; and Rebecca Fortin for Wildflowers on Blue.

The top three will have their artwork displayed at Ontario Tech University for three months. Deanna Young's piece will be showcased in Shawenjigewining Hall, while Camille Augustyn and Nuhad Kibria's pieces will be displayed in Charles Hall.


"Science tells us that we have to begin our transition to an ecologically sound society immediately. But the problems we must solve in this transition must be addressed through co-operation and communication. The arts have a pivotal role to play in this. They can trigger our emotions, educate our minds, and animate our ambitions. Now, more than ever, we need art to help us transform ourselves and consequently, our relationship with the Earth, other people, and other species."
-Dr. Timothy MacNeill, Director, Minor in Sustainability Studies