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UOIT students find puppy love


Students from UOIT and Durham College enjoyed a quick break from their studies on January 21 to spend some out-of-class time with a contingent of special canine guests. The Animal Guardian Society (TAGS) of Durham Region teamed up with the Student Association Monday, January 21 to bring a number of large number of dogs to campus.

The initiative was aimed at helping relieve post-holiday blues on the day many people call ‘Blue Monday’. The third Monday in January has inherited the moniker for being considered the most depressing day of the year. With shortened daylight, inclement weather and a lack of holidays on the horizon, many see little reason to be cheerful.

We’re here to promote de-stressing and help students relax,” said Reena Kainth, member of the Student Association.  “Interacting with animals helps lower depression rates and we hope this event will encourage people to adopt a new pet.”

“Dogs help to de-stress, lower blood pressure, and provide relaxation for people who need it,” said Kathy Asling, TAGS member. “It is important to have some fun on a day like ‘Blue Monday’ and we hope to continue holding more events on campus in the future.”

The TAGS dogs were the focal point of the event, but massages, snacks and refreshments were also available to help lower student stress. Participants unanimously agreed with TAGS organizers in the thought that the dogs’ visit to campus becomes an annual January event to look forward to.