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Iron Ring ceremony for UOIT Engineering students


Most engineers in Canada look back on it as a rite of passage. For a young engineering student, it is one of the most significant milestones of their undergraduate years at university.

The University of Ontario Institute of Technology’s (UOIT) 2013 graduating classes from the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science (FEAS) and the Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science recently participated in a time-honoured tradition that signifies their emergence into the engineering profession. The Iron Ring ceremony, otherwise known as the Ritual of the Calling of the Engineer, dates back to 1922. The exclusive annual ceremony welcomes Canada’s future engineers by requiring them to promise to always adhere to moral and ethical standards throughout their engineering career.

“The Ritual of the Calling is a very special moment of achievement for our students,” said Dr. Tarlochan Sidhu, Dean, FEAS. “We are proud that UOIT shares in this tradition that is nearly century old. Our graduates will always be reminded by their ring of their obligation to live by a high standard of professional conduct and their pride in their profession, and to produce work with integrity and honesty.”

The ring is usually worn on the little finger of an engineer’s working hand. The UOIT Iron Ring ceremony took place on March 16.