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Oshawa MP salutes UOIT graduate student research showcase

Dr. Colin Carrie, Oshawa MP addresses participants at the 2013 UOIT Graduate Student Research Conference.
Dr. Colin Carrie, Oshawa MP addresses participants at the 2013 UOIT Graduate Student Research Conference.

Less than eight years after launching its first master’s degree program, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology’s (UOIT) Office of Graduate Studies has assembled an impressive portfolio of 27 innovative postgraduate programs, some of which are the first of their kind in Ontario and in Canada.

UOIT’s Graduate Student Council (GSC) has also been thriving throughout the university’s formative years, annually organizing the Graduate Student Research Conference (GSRC). The title of this year’s conference was Evolution through Innovation: Innovative Research Shaping the Future.

The GSRC is organized by UOIT’s GSC and is their largest event. Each of UOIT’s seven faculties had a series of winners based on their research presentations. Dr. Colin Carrie, Oshawa MP and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Health attended this year’s event to congratulate and recognize UOIT’s graduate students on their research efforts.

“UOIT is recognized as a key hub of innovative research through the outstanding work of faculty members and the students who get to collaborate with them,” said Dr. Carrie. “These students will be the leaders of tomorrow. It is a priority of the government to support high quality research and innovation that will drive economic growth and spur the creation of new jobs.”

“It is important to have events like this to give graduate students an opportunity to showcase their amazing research to their peers on campus,” said Lokendra Ramotar, GSC President and Conference Chair. “The overall goal of this conference is to bring graduate students together under the common bond of research.”

The GSRC is a professional development opportunity allowing graduate students to showcase their research, practice their presentation skills and network with their peers, faculty, community members and students from other universities. The conference’s annual career panel offers students a real-world perspective on how to make the transition from graduate studies to their future career.

The GSRC’s mandate is to provide a positive environment for graduate students to present their work within the fields of engineering, health science, science and the social sciences and humanities to fellow researchers and the community.