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University’s students shine in Chartered Financial Analyst exam

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Many philosophers throughout history have shared wisdom about money and advice on how to manage it. Money management may not be deemed as a traditional ‘science’ in the same sense as physics or chemistry, but there’s little doubt that it’s a demanding and exacting practice. Those who manage it professionally have to be very good at what they do.

At the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, financial services managers of the future prepare for their careers through the Finance major and Marketing major offered through Faculty of Business and Information Technology’s (FBIT) Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) program.

The university’s program is officially affiliated with the U.S.-based Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute, widely recognized as the most reputable investment management designation across the globe. As a CFA charterholder, FBIT demonstrates a commitment to the mastery of financial knowledge and integrity.

This summer, four of FBIT’s 2018 BCom graduates passed the CFA Level 1 exam.

“We are incredibly proud of our students as the Level 1 exam requires vast knowledge, with 300 hours of preparation,” says Karolina Krystyniak, PhD, CFA, Assistant Professor, FBIT. “The international pass rate is just 43 per cent. Three students, Sarah Anantharajan, Aaron Cormier and Patrick McLean, were CFA University Affiliation Scholarship recipients. Dhruv Lohchab was the recipient of the FBIT Finance Scholarship.”

As a CFA University Affiliate, FBIT is officially recognized as a program supporting CFA Level 1 curriculum preparation.

“The CFA designation can provide a significant career and salary boost because it is recognized and respected by employers from a variety of fields,” says Dr. Krystyniak. “It signifies investment management expertise, perseverance, high motivation and commitment to ethical standards. Being a CFA charterholder offers our current and future Finance students access to amazing networking opportunities.”

Scholarship information

Through the CFA Institute affiliation, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology annually receives seven CFA Awareness Scholarships for the Level 1 CFA exam, each valued at approximately US$1,000. Each scholarship waives the one-time CFA program enrolment fee (if applicable) and reduces the exam registration fee (including access to the curriculum eBook) to US$350. To learn more about the scholarships and application process, interested students should contact Dr. Karolina Krystyniak, the Finance program’s CFA principal contact.

Student testimonials

“Christ’s grace, prayers, support, a well-chalked out plan and lots of hard work helped me reach my goal of passing the CFA Level 1 exam.”
-Sarah Anantharajan, BCom, class of 2018 (Marketing major)            

"The CFA Level 1 exam is certainly a difficult test to prepare for. The sheer amount of content you are required to understand can be overwhelming. However, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology’s Finance major does an excellent job at covering the core material. So when you are studying, it really just feels like a review."
-Aaron Cormier, BCom, class of 2018 (Finance major)

"The CFA Level 1 exam was tough and rewarding. The knowledge gained as an undergraduate in the Finance program at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology definitely gave me a head start on many of the topics covered on the exam."
-Dhruv Lohchab, BCom, class of 2018 (Finance major)

“The CFA exam was a difficult challenge. But with the support of the faculty and fellow students writing the exam it was a made possible. Spending over 300 hours studying for the exam is a very daunting task. Planning well in advance and sticking to a study schedule played an instrumental role in exam preparations.”
-Patrick McLean, BCom, class of 2018 (Finance major)