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Dawn of a new era: Say hello to Ontario Tech University

University introduces ambitious new brand

Ontario Tech University's new logo.
Ontario Tech University's new logo.

OSHAWA, ONTARIO – The University of Ontario Institute of Technology will begin writing a new chapter in the coming months as it transitions to a distinct new brand.

Between now and the start of the next academic year in September, the campus will transform into Ontario Tech University. The university will sport a new look and feel with an exciting new visual identity and market positioning.

“We’re the best kept secret in Canadian higher education and it’s time to change that,” says Dr. Steven Murphy, President and Vice-Chancellor, Ontario Tech University. “We have a great story to share and our new brand creates an important new platform for more people to know us, and to study and partner with us. This is a bold new step forward for our university and the beginning of an exciting new era.”

Technology universities are increasingly ranked among the top institutions globally and are very well known.

“Our university looks at technology differently, whether it’s developing new tech breakthroughs or investigating how tech influences our lives,” says Dr. Murphy. “Ontario Tech is the first Canadian university to position itself this way and the new brand will help us share the amazing story that is tech with a conscience.” 

External Community Reactions

The decision to become Ontario Tech University comes after months of consultation and engagement with thousands of people connected to the campus community, all steered with careful planning by the university’s Brand Advisory Group.

“Our audiences brought forth compelling ideas, questions and comments throughout the consultation process,” says Dr. Murphy. “It is clear the university’s original name has its challenges. It’s an exceptionally long brand name and is often portrayed incorrectly, constantly requiring us to make corrections and explain who we are, who we’re not, and what makes us different as an institution. Even our acronym ‘UOIT’ has struggled to gain traction. Those four letters are hard to say and often generate confusion externally. Our brand has been an obstacle to our marketing and positioning since the founding of our university.”

Research commissioned by the university showed that only 60 per cent of respondents were aware of the university and more than half did not know of the university’s reputation. The new identity had strong appeal in research and showed significant promise in having a positive impact on people’s views of the university. Those surveyed said the new identity is unique, modern, intriguing and engaging. 

Campus Community Reactions

The official name will remain ‘University of Ontario Institute of Technology’ for formal materials such as degree parchments and governance documents. The name is entrenched in provincial legislation and the act that created the university.

“Changing a brand is about much more than just changing a name; it’s about capturing an emerging spirit and attitude about who we are, and where we are headed,” says Dr. Murphy.

About Ontario Tech University

Ontario Tech University advances the discovery and application of knowledge through a technology-enriched learning environment and the delivery of innovative market-driven programs responsive to the needs of students and industry. With more than 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in more than 90 programs, the university promotes social engagement, fosters critical thinking and integrates outcomes-based learning experiences inside and outside the classroom. The university's commitment to accelerating economic growth and social innovation is realized through faculty research collaborations with leading organizations such as Ontario Power Generation, IBM, The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) and the Durham Regional Police Service. To find out more, visit

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