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More choice and access to virtual learning and retraining programs at Ontario Tech

University receiving $2.45 million from Ontario government to lead 19 new collaborative projects


Ontario Tech University’s commitment to delivering the most effective and flexible learner-centred educational options will get a major boost through new provincial funding for virtual learning options announced May 17.

Ontario Tech will receive $2.45 million to fund 19 different virtual learning projects that will help provide students with greater access to high-quality post-secondary education and retraining opportunities. The diverse and innovative range of approved projects speaks to the university’s compelling research capacity and the breadth of program offerings.

Many of the projects will be developed collaboratively with other universities and colleges across Ontario. All are supported by and connected to Ontario’s Virtual Learning Strategy unveiled last December.

Approved virtual learning projects at Ontario Tech (by faculty or office)

Faculty of Business and Information Technology

  • A modular, hybrid-flexible course in digital media and marketing communications
  • Capturing volumetric video content for remote learning in the studio arts
  • Collaborative tools and resources for capstone study projects
  • Development of an XR-Art studio application to enhance remote learning of the traditional arts
  • Introduction to higher education management
  • Serious game to teach data literacy and visualization
  • Trust systems: A novel open-education resource

Faculty of Education

  • Digital fluency to support online post-secondary mathematics instruction
  • Get PHIT (privilege, hegemony and intersectionality training): Navigating difficult discussions
  • Online course and e-book: Digital privacy leadership and policy
  • Teacher-education video vignettes
  • Thriving in blended and online learning environments: A guide for busy educators

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

  • Thriving in the age of artificial intelligence

Faculty of Health Sciences

  • Development, implementation and evaluation of digital experiential learning modules that incorporate simulation to address discriminating attitudes
  • FOCUS – Fostering our compassion, understanding and self-care

Brilliant Catalyst

  • Brilliant online EDDI (equity, diversity, decolonization and inclusion) adaptation

Office of the Registrar

  • Creating equitable, diverse, and inclusive assessments in online and blended learning
  • International marketing development for the Ontario higher education sector

Teaching and Learning Centre

  • Improving Ontario Tech's eLearning environment support


“The Province’s investment in virtual learning and retraining opportunities allows Ontario Tech University to accelerate its transformation as a nimble university providing learning opportunities in the avenues of tomorrow. These new projects in priority areas such as data literacy, artificial intelligence and beyond, speak to our university’s tech-with-a-conscience focus and unwavering commitment to job-centred learning. This announcement will help Ontario Tech develop new platforms to support more hybrid, online, and open educational choices for traditional and non-traditional learners.”
-Dr. Steven Murphy, President and Vice-Chancellor, Ontario Tech University; and Co-Chair, eCampusOntario