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Reaffirming Ontario Tech University’s commitment to equitable and barrier-free access to education

Ontario Tech University's north Oshawa campus location.
Ontario Tech University's north Oshawa campus location.

On June 29, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against inclusion of race as criteria for consideration in college and university admissions. In view of this ruling, Ontario Tech reaffirms our commitment to celebrating the diversity of our community, while equally continuing to seek meaningful ways to ensure access to an equitable and barrier-free education for all.

At Ontario Tech, we believe that education is a foundational human right that supports the advancement of knowledge and innovation. The university remains dedicated to advancing a respectful, inclusive and collaborative exchange of knowledge that champions diversity, celebrates the identities, achievements and well-being of all, and empowers us to make society a better place for our campus community and our planet.

We understand that our community members may have different perspectives, thoughts and support needs in light of this announcement, the university reminds students, faculty and staff about the resources available to support them in their individual journeys as we collectively process this information and chart a path forward together: