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Ontario Tech University promotes sustainable commuting solutions through scooter demonstration event

Over 500 students were able to try e-scooters during the event hosted by Brilliant Catalyst
Over 500 students were able to try e-scooters during the event hosted by Brilliant Catalyst

In September and October, Ontario Tech University witnessed a wave of green energy and sustainable commuting on campus. Students flocked to the gated parking lot adjacent to the Automotive Centre of Excellence (ACE) to participate in an exciting demonstration featuring e-scooters provided by SCOOTY, a GTA-based micro-mobility company that provides the public with affordable, simple access to electric scooters

The initiative achieved multiple goals: providing students with a safe space to test ride e-scooters, increasing awareness about the efficiency of zero-emission micro-mobility vehicles, and gauging the prevalence of micro-mobility usage among the Ontario Tech student body.

Riding towards a greener campus: The scooter experience

During the event, students were able to try e-scooters for free in the ACE parking lot. Representatives from SCOOTY and Brilliant Catalyst, Ontario Tech’s start-up incubator, were on-site to facilitate the rides and engage in conversations with students about the environmental advantages of zero-emission micro-mobility vehicles.

Survey highlights sustainable shift in student commuting habits

An impact survey among the 579 student participants found that approximately 75 per cent of participants were already aware of shared micro-mobility programs available on campus. Impressively, one-third had previously experienced riding a shared micro-mobility vehicle, indicating a growing interest in sustainable transportation options.

Perhaps even more encouraging is that one-quarter of students had utilized micro-mobility vehicles as an alternative to, or to connect to public transit, showcasing the potential of these vehicles to seamlessly integrate with existing transportation infrastructure. Additionally, 24 per cent of students reported substituting an automobile with a micro-mobility vehicle, further suggesting a willingness to adopt eco-friendly alternatives for daily commuting.

Next steps: Promoting safety and awareness

The success of the Ontario Tech event is testament to the potential impact of micro-mobility in creating a greener and more environmentally conscious campus. As e-scooter awareness increases, ongoing objectives include educating students on their safe usage, and encouraging the general adoption of sustainable commuting practices.


“Ontario Tech University's student response has been incredible, demonstrating a strong interest in sustainable micro-mobility. SCOOTY is proud to have partnered with the university for this event, and we're committed to providing green, convenient transportation options. Together, we're shaping a greener future for campus communities and beyond.”
-Shoaib Ahmed, SCOOTY CEO